Lappeenrannan Shakkikerho

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Lappeenranta Chess Club (LprSK)

The Lap­peen­ran­ta Chess Club was foun­ded in 1940 and is loca­ted in Lap­peen­ran­ta, Fin­land. This is a brief sum­ma­ry of the most impor­tant parts of the web­si­te in English.

Club evenings

The club eve­nings of the Lap­peen­ran­ta Chess Club are on Wed­nes­days from 3:30 PM to 7:00 PM at the Lap­peen­ran­ta city libra­ry (loca­ted in the Iso­Kris­tii­na shop­ping cen­ter, address: Kai­vo­ka­tu 5, 53100 Lap­peen­ran­ta). Our pri­ma­ry playing area is the Olli hall, with the fol­lowing exceptions:

- 25th of Janua­ry   Ulla hall
- 1st of Februa­ry    Pau­li hall
- 15th of March      Pau­li hall

On club eve­nings we most­ly play games or tour­na­ments with dif­fe­rent time controls.

Online chess

Join our team on Lic­hess! Plea­se pro­vi­de your full name in your request to join the team. You should also join Jouk­kue­tur­naus info (Team tour­na­ment info) to get info about the dif­fe­rent tour­na­ments organized.

Crea­te a Lic­hess account
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Jouk­kue­tur­naus info (Team tour­na­ment info)

Club membership fees

Gene­ral: 40 € / year
Juniors, stu­dents, unemplo­yed, and reti­red: 30 € / year

Our bank account num­ber is FI51 5620 0920 3437 29.


Pek­ka Sopa­nen, Chair­man of LprSK

tel. 045 2603670